Breaking free from the old to embrace the new

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Sarah Colon-Harris, Founder of She Flew the Coop, is best known for her thought leadership, dynamic personality and compassion developed from years of interviewing people during their trials and triumphs as a TV journalist and producer. After years of listening to women at She Flew the Coop, Sarah identified the 12 most common “mental coops” that keep women from joy and fulfillment. In this 8-week program, she teams up with Girls on the Run Founder, Molly Barker, to share what they have collectively offered to thousands of women and girls — the skills and tools to open your mind and heart to the greatest possibilities for your life.

The intention of this program is to help you break free from the self-limiting beliefs that keep us stuck in the same patterns. This 8-week program is designed to help you dive deep into your unconscious thoughts and awaken your authentic self that’s buried underneath. We’ll provide a space to process your thoughts and emotions coming out of quarantine and guide you to deep introspection. We want you to become the best version of yourself.

But wait? What will I get out of it?

This isn’t one of those programs to help you set goals. This is the inner work that needs to be done before goals are attempted. Without this work, you will likely come up against the same problems and even chase the wrong goals, jobs and/or relationships over and over again.

Through guided introspective conversation and mindfulness, individuals will:

  • Discuss and Identify the coops that often hold women back from actualizing their full potential (Fear & Expectations, Shame & Guilt, Comparison & Perfectionism, Comfort & Complacency, No Boundaries & People Pleasing, Ego & Pride)
  • Discover their inner dreams and desires
  • Develop resilience and a courageous willingness to step into their authentic power
  • Cultivate mental and emotional clarity through transition (job search, career move, break-up, business launch, empty nesting, moving, etc)
  • Build relationships within a supportive community
  • Deepen insight to see themselves and others more clearly
  • Break free from unhealthy behavior patterns & soar

You’ll emerge from this transformative program with more self-awareness, confidence, gratitude and a better understanding of how to embrace what’s possible for you. Join the flock and gain community, connection, empowerment, hope, introspection, support, growth, tools, knowledge and a sense of belonging.

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Thursdays 7PM – 9:00PM EST/4PM PST April 22- June 10th via zoom



  • All payments are non-refundable.
  • Your participation is key to the conversation and value of the group.
    • By registering, you agree to attend every meeting and join on time.
    • By registering, you agree to being fully present, open & authentic during the calls.
    • You agree to be respectful of the beliefs of other women that may differ from your own.
  • All calls will be recorded for training and quality assurance purposes ONLY
  • Have questions? Email us at

Led by Sarah Colón – Harris & Molly Barker

Sarah Colón-Harris
Founder, She Flew the Coop
Sarah Colón – Harris is an award-winning journalist, producer, host, social entrepreneur and visionary leader driven by strategic instincts and heart. 
After interviewing thousands of people and spending more than a decade reporting on trials, crime, politics and everything in-between, Sarah felt led to “fly the coop of comfort.”

In 2015, Sarah launched the She Flew the Coop (SFTC) movement, which includes monthly meetups, panel discussions, workshops and a growing community of women united in stepping out of their comfort zone to discover their true selves and purpose. Sarah draws upon her journalism roots to lead women to self-discovery through authentic conversation. In 2020, SFTC officially became a non-profit organization.

She Flew the Coop Flock Leader & Founder, Girls on the Run

The founder of the international non-profit, Girls on the Run and a globally recognized role model for positive change, Molly Barker motivates people to embrace their individual strengths, ask the hard questions of themselves, and realize their potential to change the world.

An accomplished triathlete, Molly encourages others to run—toward hope, passion and self-discovery to solve problems and overcome adversity. Utilizing a masters degree in social work and the very personal lessons she learned rising up out of addiction, Molly founded Girls on the Run…an experiential curriculum-based after school program that has helped more than two million girls across the country unleash their potential. 

Since retiring from Girls on the Run in 2014, she has continued to “make space” for others to recognize and activate their limitless potential, through retreat and online programming.  (

On April 5, 2021 she is releasing a reprint and edit of her book, “Kids Lit From Within.”  The book is free and will be downloadable at  

Molly is the mom to 25 year old Hank and 22 year old Helen. When asked what her mom does for a living, Helen shared, “My mom listens and loves people for her living.”


“Before joining the SFTC program, I was letting feelings of uncertainty, confusion, and anxiety overwhelm me. I had been struggling with comparing myself to where peers/friends are at in life personally and professionally and often would have those thoughts of feeling “behind.” I truly feel a peace and happiness with myself, a newfound confidence, and a hopeful attitude in embracing whatever the next step might be.” – Cristina C.

“I’m going back to school with a renewed purpose and energy, studying toward a different degree that is more aligned with my values. What I realized with SFTC, and am now putting into action in my life, is that who I become is in my control-irrespective of where I am physically. I am becoming all of the things I want to be, because I know what they are and know how to intentionally work for them. I am embracing my voice and truth and passion. And I feel unstoppable!” – Anna H.

“This was a great experience developing relationships and learning from women of all experiences. We were vulnerable, emotional, and thoughtful and I think we all grew throughout this time. We were able to share our unique experiences which we then learned were maybe not as unique to us as we felt, and our shared experiences brought us closer together and validated some of the feelings we had. We were able to lean on and learn from each other and help empower each other to continue to achieve what we set out to do.” –Alison C.

“One of the biggest impacts for me was that I caught myself blaming others at work for not giving me more responsibilities or not giving me the recognition I felt I deserved. I realized that I needed to take ownership and make changes by looking within. Changing this mindset has made a big difference. I still get frustrated, but I’m working on it.” – Molly S.