How we fly:

We empower women to fly the coop of pride, expectations, comparison, fear, perfectionism, etc to soar towards their dreams. Our program topics include courage, integrity, discipline, compassion, resilience. We’re not afraid to roll up our sleeves and create even more impact!

We stand boldly for women empowerment. With your contribution, we are RISING TO MAKE A GLOBAL IMPACT.

You can help us take flight as we strive for our goal of $25,000.

We have seen women’s lives be transformed through our work online and in person. They’ve launched businesses and/or creative projects, become more courageous in their workplace and everyday lives, left bad relationships, grown tremendously, become more compassionate/self-aware friends, moms, wives, employees, etc, etc. Watch the video below for a sneak peak of our meetings.

2019 Meeting on “Living Courageously”

Time to Wake the Flock Up…

It all started with a seed of an idea by Founder Sarah Colon-Harris in 2015 to create a community of women ready to transform their lives and communities.

We’ve laid the ground work…brick by brick. No shortcuts. Now, as an official non-profit we’re ready to take She Flew the Coop to the next level. We want to expand our reach, enhance our current curriculum, offer scholarships and continue expanding the minds and hearts of women across the U.S. and abroad. Your financial donation will help get us there.

To date, we have held more than 100 in person and virtual programs/workshops/talk shows/meetups empowering hundreds of women locally and nationally.

Our vision is to bring our programs into universities, businesses and non-profits. We have a community of board members, volunteers, grant writers and leaders ready to make this happen! Your donation will help us launch as we enhance our current programs and develop new programs. Let’s do this. – The She Flew the Coop team

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Flock Talk:

Before joining the SFTC program, I let feelings of uncertainty, confusion, and anxiety overwhelm me. I had been struggling with comparing myself to where peers/friends are personally and professionally and often would have those thoughts of feeling “behind.” I truly feel peace and happiness with myself, newfound confidence, and a hopeful attitude in embracing whatever the next step might be.” – Cristina C.

I got the courage to confront another director from another code about his misperception of my roles and responsibilities on this program. My confronting him and providing my expectations took a lot of pressure off both of us, and now we are working very well together. I am no longer a threat to his role nor he to mine.” – Molly S.”

“SFTC was a great experience developing relationships and learning from women of all backgrounds. We were vulnerable, emotional, and thoughtful, and I think we all grew throughout this time. We were able to share our unique experiences, which we then learned were maybe not as unique to us as we felt, and our shared experiences brought us closer together and validated some of the feelings we had. We were able to lean on and learn from each other and help empower each other to continue to achieve what we set out to do. –Alison C.

At the beginning of SFTC, I had just been evacuated from Brazil and was kind of floundering without an idea of what to do next. I felt the loss of all of the experience and growth that I would have gained there and was trying to figure out how to translate that into whatever was to come. And now I’m going back to school with renewed purpose and energy, studying toward a different degree that is more aligned with my values. I have an internship that is pushing me in many of the ways my experience in Brazil was pushing me–to engage with diverse groups of people, participate in difficult and necessary conversations about systems of oppression, and find tangible solutions to problems in the community. I wanted Brazil to be this life-altering experience of growth, gaining perspective and confidence and knowledge. But what I realized with SFTC, and am now putting into action in my life, is that who I become is in my control- irrespective of where I am physically. I am becoming all of the things I want to be, because I know what they are and know how to intentionally work for them. I am embracing my voice and truth and passion. And I feel unstoppable!” – Anna H.