We empower women to live with intention and embrace unlimited possibilities.

To be a global circle of influence with local impact for women navigating life and career challenges.


She Flew the Coop began in January 2015 as an idea for a documentary by Sarah Colón-Harris. After spending more than a decade working in television news as a news reporter, Sarah took a leap of faith in 2013 and flew the coop of comfort to launch a video production business called Stories to Inspire.

She dreamed of inspiring others and producing a film that would highlight the stories of women who had taken risks – but she needed a name for the film. One day, as she scrolled social media, she saw a post about a young girl leaving the country with the hashtag #flythecoop. The hashtag sparked an exciting idea – and the name “She Flew the Coop” was born!

After many stops and starts, the film took on a life of its own and eventually followed Sarah and the evolution of She Flew the Coop over a span of five years. On May 5, 2016 – the first She Flew the Coop “meetup” was held at a co-sharing space with three guest interviews and 30 women in attendance.

The community was officially off the ground. Since then, women from all walks of life have gathered at She Flew the Coop monthly meetings, workshops, LIVE talk-shows and other events to share their stories in a safe space. The community continues to grow and evolve and realize the vision of inspiring woman globally to transform into their most authentic selves so they can R.I.S.E to their purpose!

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We ignite your inner power to embrace your worthiness and uniqueness, elevating your potential to reach greater heights beyond what you thought possible.


We equip you with tools to enhance your journey, and we share motivational messages and stories to inspire action.


Our community is the emotional, intellectual and spiritual wind beneath your wings. We are your Flock and a place you want to flock to, welcoming you into an environment of safety, trust, collaboration, connections and encouragement..


Our programs foster learning and growth to enrich your spirit; equipping you with the awareness, confidence, and courage to transform.

Our Founder

Sarah Colón - Harris is an award-winning journalist, producer, host, social entrepreneur and visionary leader driven by strategic instincts and heart.

After interviewing thousands of people and spending more than a decade reporting on trials, crime, politics and everything in-between, Sarah felt led to "fly the coop of comfort." She felt the tug to make an impact in a different way.

A single mom to a teenage son at the time, Sarah made the difficult, yet exciting decision to leave TV in 2013 and start her own film and event production company, Stories to Inspire. She chose to use her journalism career, communication gifts and passion for storytelling for the greater good.

In 2015, Sarah launched the She Flew the Coop (SFTC) movement, which includes monthly meetups, panel discussions, workshops and a growing community of women united in stepping out of their comfort zone to discover their true selves and purpose. Sarah draws upon her journalism roots to lead women to self-discovery through authentic conversation. The She Flew the Coop documentary - which chronicles the evolution of Sarah's journey into building the community - is currently in post- production.

Sarah has been featured in numerous local and national media outlets including the Washington Post, The Charlotte Observer, Cosmo for Latinas and Investigation Discovery Channel. In 2020, The Mecklenburg Times honored her as one of the 50 most influential women in her hometown of Charlotte, North Carolina – where she currently resides.


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