Rose Plesz, Mary Kay Consultant / SFTC Member

“This is truly a heart to heart discussion. I love the fact that women get real and raw and authentic here, and don’t worry about judgment. As women, we can be really critical and sometimes judgmental, but this is really a safe space to layout your heart.”

Mackenzie Brown / SFTC member

“There are times when you can feel overwhelmed or defeated by life. This group helps me to stay focused and not lose sight of my dreams, and that it is possible to make it happen.”

Naomi Colon, Kitchen Hippies, LLC / SFTC Member

“She Flew the Coop gave me the push I didn’t realize I needed to make my hobby and passion become my business! Having this safe space allows me to be creative and it allows me to dream. I know that the other women will encourage and guide me. I went from making mix for my friends to establishing an LLC for a company I’m proud to own. I now have clients all across the U.S. and I’m not stopping anytime soon!

Jamilah Espinosa, Espinosa Law / SFTC member

"She Flew the Coop for me represents a community of like-minded women looking to do better for themselves, their families, and their communities. For me, this group of women has given me accountability with a loving and inspirational hand guiding the way. The intimacy created in this group has allowed me to finally vocalize the fears and anxieties I believe have been holding me back while giving me the tools to break down those fears. I am eternally grateful for this group because in the last year it has allowed me to spread my wings further and I know I'll continue to soar with them."

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